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Steve Lyman - Basic Jazz 4/4 - Drum Cover Drumeo (Jazz)
Dany Meyer

Steve Lyman - Basic Jazz 4/4 - Drum Cover Drumeo (Jazz)

Get my shirt-collection here: BECOME A PATRON: First of all, I'm still not a Jazz-Guy :-) But as Drumeo voted for "Basic Jazz in 4/4" I wanted to give it a go again. Dive more into Jazz, give your next Jazz-DrumCover a try and step out of your comfort-zone. Don't take this too seriously. Of course a real Jazz-Drummer would make a completely different version out of it... But yeah... Here we go! ENJOY! =) You know the drill. If you like the videos, please subscribe, like and comment. Feel free to spread the word... :-) I appreciate every single feedback I can get. Let's connect! Here's my contribution to the November 2020 collaboration. DRUMS: Dany Meyer Play-Along: Basic Jazz in 4/4 (Steve Lyman) #drumcover #drum #pearlmaple gum #schlagzeug #drummer One take, no crossfades, cuts, etc... :-) I play Crann Drumsticks: I use Skygel Damperpads: I use Ahead Armor Cases: I use Cympads: I use Fischer Amps Amplifiers: I'm wearing bavarian clothes from Oberlandla: I play Pearl Drums (Session Studio) and Sabian Cymbals. Recorded at MD-Studios with the Soundcraft Ui24R and Cubase 10. Video edit with Final Cut Pro X. Cameras: GoPro Hero 5 Black GoPro Hero 7 Black GoPro Hero 8 Black Canon G16
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